Peace and Pampering

Peace and pampering.

You could use a little of both, right?

This luscious massage bar is your free gift from me when you choose either my Platinum or Diamond doula services package.

Even better… It comes with a prenatal belly henna session! (The bar is for your tattoo aftercare.)

I have a few openings available for 2015 due dates. Get in touch soon.


Peace massage bar info from the LUSH site:

A culmination of the most peaceful ingredients we can find, Peace massage bar is the perfect recipe to settle your soul. We’ve used our new aeration technique to blend Fair Trade organic cocoa butter from the Peace Community in Colombia with Fair Trade olive oil, creating a light, smooth and luxurious massage on the skin. That lovely lavender-chamomile aroma? It’s a combination of four fragrances from our signature Synesthesia massage at our LUSH Spas: Acceptance, Forgiveness, Calm and Content; traits we could all benefit more from. Go on, give Peace a chance.
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