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Spinning Babies For Partners

Is Spinning Babies for Partners?

One of my favorite aspects of the Spinning Babies® Parent Class is the way it incorporates partners into the pregnancy and birth experience.

These techniques not only get the expectant person moving but some of the daily and weekly pregnancy activities require partner support. This is an opportunity for the partners to be engaged physically but also providing comfort and connection at the same time.

We also find that the general activities encouraged for body balancing are also good for partner's because we all carry tension and imbalances in our bodies. When I teach this class, I ask the partner to join us in learning the recommended stretches. Everyone can benefit from moving our bodies in a way that relieves stress and tightness. This creates a desire to join the pregnant person on a daily basis and work through the stretches side-by-side.

Spinning Babies® also helps the partner to be aware of their baby's position and movement. Through daily and weekly practice, they learn to identify what their baby is doing inside the womb. This awareness leads to bonding and helps get their relationship off to a solid start post birth.

Partners who participate in a Parent Class and support their loved one during pregnancy will be much more comfortable providing hands on support during labor. They will already be conditioned to the preferences of the expectant mom and able to provide suggestions and encourage movement. This is in stark contrast to someone who isn't familiar with the techniques proven to provide comfort during labor and while also helping baby navigate the process.

The Spinning Babies approach provides confidence for partners because it's accessible. It's technical but not complicated. A few hours in class can help them learn and understand how doable this is.

In summary, the Spinning Babies® Parent Class helps partners...

➡️  engage and connect with the pregnant person.

➡️  participate in daily and weekly pregnancy & labor preparation. 

➡️  provide comfort during all stages of pregnancy.

➡️  relieve tightness and tension in their own body.

➡️ prepare their own body to support their loved one during labor.

➡️ become aware of their baby's movements inside the womb.

➡️ bond with their partner and their baby.

➡️  provide hands-on support during labor & delivery.

➡️  feel confident in how to alleviate discomfort for the birthing person.

➡️  remain active during pregnancy, labor, and beyond.


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