Spinning Babies® Parent Class | Nashville | Clarksville | Heidi Duncan, SpBCPE

Spinning Babies is for Everyone

The Spinning Babies® Parent Class offers value for any pregnant person.

Are you...

➡️  pregnant for the first, second, third, or fourth time? 

➡️  planning for a natural or unmedicated birth?

➡️  planning to get an epidural?

➡️  birthing in a hospital?

➡️ giving birth at home or in a birth center?

➡️ already signed up for a childbirth preparation class?

➡️ unable to afford a comprehensive childbirth class?

➡️  planning to hire a doula? or not?

➡️  under the care of an OB/GYN?

➡️  receiving care from a Midwife?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this class can benefit you.

The Parent Class teaches daily activities for day-to-day comfort in pregnancy. These techniques also create a more supple birthing body for the various stages of labor. No matter where or how you plan to give birth, the Spinning Babies® approach helps you know how to move your body to work in combination with your baby to navigate the birthing process. Yes, even with an epidural. These skills can also help to avoid the stress of a long labor for many users.

Parent Classes are taught by Certified Parent Educators and provide hands-on instruction. Both group and private classes are available.

In the class, you will work with your partner to learn:

  • Spinning Babies Techniques
  • Daily Essential Activities
  • Balance to help birth muscles to relax and add comfort
  • Birth Positions that open the pelvis

And you'll receive these digital resources after attending the class:

  • Spinning Babies® Parent Class Companion eBook
  • 21-Day Checklist for Comfort and Ease
  • Daily Pregnancy Activity Guide by Trimester
  • Estimating Baby’s Position
  • Birthing Checklist
  • Comfort & Ease with Spinning Babies®
  • Position Tips with Spinning Babies®
  • Fetal Compass Rose Handout
  • Daily Pelvic Floor Exercises (from our “Your Pregnancy: Week-by-Week” page)
  • Kick Chart (from our “Your Pregnancy: Week-by-Week” page)
  • Birth Collaboration with Spinning Babies® (from our “Your Pregnancy: Week-by-Week” page)


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