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      Five stars is not a high enough rating for Heidi. If I could rate her even higher, I would. I truly wish every laboring woman could have Heidi by their side. She was my angel leading up to and during my labor and the birth of my daughter. Heidi provided me with education, information, and encouragement leading up to labor which greatly eased my pre-baby gitters. During labor she was by my side the entire time. She provided physical support and brought a calming presence to the room. I never doubted myself or my ability to birth my baby because I had Heidi with me. She knew from experience (and I think intuitition) what I needed before I even asked. Heidi was able to support me, soothe my partner's fears, and deal with the midwife and nurse quietly without me even noticing. She was like my grandmother, mother, sister, and best friend all rolled into one tiny package.  Thank you so much Heidi for all that you are and do. I cannot imagine birthing another baby unless I can have you at my side.

    thumb Amy B.

      Heidi was a blessing to our second birth experience.  She calmly entered my home as I was laboring after I contacted her and started immediately supporting me. She was by my side the whole time speaking positive affirmations and when I struggled to cope with pain she suggested different positions or techniques. She provided me with evidence based information to help me make the most informed decisions during my pregnancy and labor.  Ultimately she supported my decisions and let me control my labor setting.  I successfully had a 9lb baby 100% natural with no tearing and I could not have done that without Heidi!!

    thumb Megan S.

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5 star review  My wife and I attended Heidi's 5-week course. Needless to say, my wife asked me several times about attending this class and I really never showed a lot of enthusiasm. But, after agreeing, I went in with an open mind. Truth of the matter, I never expected to learn 90% of what I learned when I finished this course. Here are a few things that we did; Open classroom discussion, listened to first hand experiences, watched videos, heard pros and cons of multiple scenarios, given handouts and guides, and talked to others that are in the same situation as we were in to name a few. When this course was over I was confident in my ability to be there for my wife through everything and have her be confident in my abilities. Many, many eye openers for me during this 5-week time frame. Guys, don't be negative about this, it is very educational and you will be glad you attended in the end. Heidi is a very experienced professional. Her knowledge in this field was very impressive. Thank you, Heidi, for the experience! My wife and I enjoyed it! ~Cameron and Erin Crouse

Erin Kirby Crouse Avatar Erin Kirby Crouse
November 28, 2017

5 star review  I attended a birthing class that Heidi held while we were pregnant with our first. She was amazing! So thorough and really gave out tons of tricks. She was a wealth of knowledge that we were thankful to learn from. We didn’t use a doula but if we did she would have been our number one choice! I highly recommend her to anyone looking to learn or for help during labor!

Katrina Goodale Avatar Katrina Goodale
November 20, 2017

5 star review  Absolutely LOVED the classes! She presented excellent, evidence based information that helped guide us through our first pregnancy and birth. While nothing went according to plan, we were well prepared for all potential medical interventions after this class. It gave my husband great confidence when it came to asking questions about care and advocating for me at a time when I️ couldn’t for myself!

Rebekah De Avila Hudson Avatar Rebekah De Avila Hudson
November 8, 2017

5 star review  We took Heidi's 6 week class and the knowledge we gained and were encouraged to seek on our own is irreplaceable. I wanted an unmedicated birth but didn't know the right questions to ask my provider and facility. We quickly realized Baby& Co was the right choice for us so we transferres and had the best birth experience I prayed for. Thanks to Heidi for teaching informed decisions, labor and birth process, and pain management. Heidi's knowslege ans teaching style is priceless guys, you won't regret learning with her.

Jamie Robertson Avatar Jamie Robertson
August 12, 2017

5 star review  Heidi was extremely informative and creative in her delivery of the curriculum during her 6 week childbirth class! She focused on evidence-based birth and was extremely thorough. My husband and I felt prepared for the birthing experience after completion of the class. Heidi was always willing to answer our questions without bias and never made us feel like we HAD to hire her as a doula. She provided us with the tools necessary for a natural childbirth and tips for pain management and birthing positions.

Megan Halter Avatar Megan Halter
June 4, 2017

5 star review  I work with Heidi on a professional level. She's always keeping up to date on latest research so that she can inform both her birthing coworkers and clients on the most current information. Her goal is to support moms and families on their personal choices and desires, which I feel is the best way she can do her job!

Lydia Dailey Ibclc Avatar Lydia Dailey Ibclc
May 23, 2017

5 star review  Heidi is the best of the best! In our meetings prior to labor and delivery, she was easy to talk to and very supportive of my decisions and natural birthing goals. Heidi allowed me to share with her some of the trauma that I had from my first birth and prepared me for what to expect the second time with a Doula and being able to make informed decisions. The resources she shared with me (evidenced based articles, list of what to pack, how to cope with pain, Bible verses, etc.) all helped to prepare me mentally, physically and even spiritually for my upcoming “marathon”. And once that “marathon” arrived, she was on point with everything, including her wisdom of when I should leave for the hospital. Thank goodness for that because my labor progressed very quickly! Once at the hospital, Heidi really orchestrated and worked in unison with my Midwife and my other support people. She kindly instructed my Mother and Husband how they could help and even could tell my water was about to break and warned the staff so I didn’t make a complete mess of the room (It was in fact Christmas Eve, so one less thing to clean up was an added plus.) Heidi coached me through every step of the way and said just the right thing to motivate and comfort me to keep going. My husband held my hand and was by my side, while Heidi helped with technique to ease pain and her words were exactly what I needed to hear to stay strong. In short, Heidi was an answer to prayer. I highly recommend her to anyone expecting, no matter if it’s un-medicated, medicated or a planned C-section. Heidi has great integrity, passion and heart in all she does and I am so thankful we made the choice to have her as our Doula. It made every bit of difference!

Amy Gilmore Graville Avatar Amy Gilmore Graville
June 11, 2016

5 star review  Heidi was awesome! I will recommend her to all of my friends! Labor with my first child included an epidural and forceps so we hired Heidi for our second. My second childbirth experience was so much better and all natural! She is worth every penny and more!!

Anna Norton Avatar Anna Norton
July 1, 2015

5 star review  Heidi is wonderful! She is passionate about what she does, and was a great support to my husband and I. Her passion shows through the amount of time and energy she spends compiling and providing resources for her clients. My husband learned so much from our discussions with her and the Roots Childbirth classes that she taught. He was able to provide great support for me as I labored at home. Although we barely made it to the hospital in time, Heidi wasn't too far behind. It made such a difference when she arrived and I heard her voice. I was beginning to get tense and hold my breath while pushing, and her reminder of "just breathe it out" made all the difference. I immediately relaxed. After the birth, she stayed a while to help us get settled and provide continued support. She's the best and I highly recommend her!

Jessica Sills Avatar Jessica Sills
January 27, 2015

5 star review  You supported us through bringing both of our babies into this world, and I will say it again: You are worth your weight in gold, and probably more, seeing as how petite you are 😉 We could never express our gratitude to you for being there for our family when we needed your expertise and experience the most, but in an honest attempt.... THANK YOU SO MUCH, HEIDI!!! XOXOXO, The Paulson Family

Kendra Paulson Avatar Kendra Paulson
January 2, 2015

5 star review  Heidi was the best choice I made for my first baby. She empowered my husband and I with knowledge and helped us make good choices for a better birth experience. Having her with me made me feel so much better during labor. Her words, her touch, and her essential oils made all the difference! Having her is worth every penny spent! I highly recommend her for your birth experience.

Bonnie Lavender Avatar Bonnie Lavender
September 19, 2014

5 star review  Heidi did henna on my pregnant belly and it was a great experience. Very relaxing and memorable. She was great at taking my inspiration pieces and creating a one-of-a-kind design. It was beautiful! Would do it again in a heartbeat!

Molly Conger Avatar Molly Conger
May 21, 2014

5 star review  First I want to say Thank You to Heidi, for taking the time to train and gain the knowledge necessary to become a true professional Doula providing birth services. Even though my LO , Emma-Grace is 5 months now, I haven't forgotten how wonderful it was to have Heidi with my husband and I while we labored for 30 hrs until Emma made her entrance into this world. What I recall most is Heidi's quiet confidence... she knows her stuff and I can attest to that. I'm 36 yrs old a "mature mom" by OB standards, also Emma is our third child, my boys where both born by c-section. In hind sight they where both unnecessary sections, so I knew I didn't want that to be my experience the third time around. Heidi answered all my questions and gave my husband and I the confidence we needed to make the decision to try for a VBA2C. We did it ! I know that the progression of labor and delivery would not have happened like they did, if Heidi had not been by our sides. That being said with 30 hrs of labor we had some complications...but each time the nurses or doctors threw something at us, We huddled up, prayed it up and my husband and I where able to make decisions based off of the knowledge Heidi provided to us! If you are considering a VBAC or just would like the comfort and confidence that comes from having a doula present at the birth of your little one, Heidi Duncan is your Doula!

Stephanie Sharpe Avatar Stephanie Sharpe
March 10, 2014

5 star review  Uh-mazing woman here!! My 3rd birth and my first with a doula. She kept me sane and kept the nurses at bay while I welcomed by new baby. An amazing source of knowledge and experience...and she also has a sincerity of care that you won't find in a hospital setting!

Joanna Vega Avatar Joanna Vega
December 30, 2013

5 star review  Heidi was my doula for my first pregnancy. She was a life saver for me and my husband. I ended up with HELLP syndrome and she not only provided hands on comfort for me during this critical time, she also provided my husband with vital information on the diagnosis to help him to better understand what the doctors were throwing at us. We are forever grateful for her wisdom and compassion.

Kasey Songy Bealer Avatar Kasey Songy Bealer
December 3, 2013

5 star review  Heidi henna'd my very pregnant belly and did an incredible job! She was so detailed, took her time to make sure it was just right and added so much to the atmosphere while friends looked on. The finished product was stunning! I'd highly recommend her!

Katie Garrett Avatar Katie Garrett
August 29, 2013

5 star review  I can not recommend Heidi enough! The best decision we made was to have her be a part of the birth of our beautiful daughter. She is extremely attentive and was available to me and my husband before, during, and after the birth of our baby. She has a lot of experience, which as first time parents was crucial and important in our decision making. Heidi was nothing short of amazing before, during, and after labor. Without her my birth experience wouldn't have been as wonderful as it was.

Isamar Bennett Avatar Isamar Bennett
July 23, 2013

5 star review  Heidi is a Jane of all Trades! She did a beautiful belly henna for me earlier this year. She is very knowledgeable about all things pregnancy & birth related. I give her my highest recommendation as a doula, childbirth educator, henna artist, etc.

Kristyn Criss Avatar Kristyn Criss
July 22, 2013

5 star review  Heidi was wonderful to have at the birthing of my second son. It was good to have someone there to help my husband and I make decisions on things when the time came for that. She was by my side from start to finish, which was over 24 hours! We were all exhausted. If I was going to ever have another baby I wouldn't do it without her! She knows her stuff! Thanks Heidi!!! 🙂

Penny Purser Mattox Avatar Penny Purser Mattox
July 22, 2013

5 star review  Heidi was amazing in the training and classes she gave my husband and me before the birth of our daughter. She made sure we knew what our options were and had us educated. All of it was more than needed. Even though I had a really fast labor and delivery, she was there and was extermely supportive. She is sweet, and calming, and listens to what your wants and needs are. I highly recommend Heidi to anyone.. first time mom or not.

Jenna Secrist Avatar Jenna Secrist
July 22, 2013

5 star review  Heidi was invaluable to achieving what i wanted in birth and being the womanly support I needed on top of my husband's loving help. I would highly recommend her for her experience , down to earth persona, and enthusiasm !

Kelley McShea Avatar Kelley McShea
July 22, 2013

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