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Can the Spinning Babies approach help with VBAC?

There was a great post today on the Spinning Babies® Instagram account about Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC). I couldn't have said it better myself!

While we can’t promise everyone a vaginal birth after a cesarean, we can give tools, resources, and encouragement to those who desire it. ⁠

➡️ The Spinning Babies® approach uses daily activities to support a supple birthing body—sacrum and pelvis, ligaments, muscles—all moving more freely when exercised for a full range of motion.⁠

➡️ Spinning Babies® asks “Where’s Baby?” and suggests body balancing techniques and maternal movements in pregnancy, and especially in labor, to help the longer labor, the painful labor, or the stuck baby.⁠

➡️ Spinning Babies® is about prevention and proactive preparation in pregnancy. Spinning Babies® offers intelligent solutions for long labor by addressing the anatomy of where the baby waits when labor is long or stuck.⁠

These skills can help avoid the stress of a long labor for many users (but we don’t promise perfection). Is it possible to reduce the risk of a ruptured uterus? Some ruptures happen before labor, so good nutrition and body balancing may help protect the function of the uterus even with a scar. By far, most uteri heal amazingly well! We don’t have data on rupture reduction, but we have lots of happy birth stories!⁠

In March 2022, I qualified as a Spinning Babies® Certified Parent Educator and am providing hands-on instruction to families all over Middle TN.  If this sounds like the kind of support you need to prepare for birth (VBAC or otherwise), check out my options to learn the Spinning Babies® approach via the Parent Class in your home or online.

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