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Spinning Babies®: When Your Pelvis Isn’t Big Enough…

Have you been told that your pelvis isn't big enough for a vaginal delivery?  Or that your baby is too big? Here are some fun facts about how your pelvis and your baby's head work together.

Did you know? 

➡️ The pelvis is not a fixed piece of bone. It moves!

The pelvis is made up of multiple pieces of bone that move in response to each other. This means that your pelvise has the potential to change shape depending on your movements. Many imagine the pelvis as a solid bone with an opening through the middle. It has curves and bends to become different shapes. Knowing how to position your body based on your stage of labor, can literally create more space for baby.

➡️ Your baby's skull isn't fixed either. It also moves!

An infant's skull doesn't become fully fused until around age 2. This is to allow the rapidly growing brain to expand as it develops. It also means that the segments of the skull can move and compress at delivery to allow the baby to better fit through the pelvis and birth canal.

➡️ Spinning Babies combines both.

In the Spinning Babies® Parent Class, you'll learn how to help your baby move into a position that works best. You'll learn how to move your body into positions that helps your baby navigate more easily. You'll work together and in combination towards the same goal, like a dance between mom and baby. You can be an active participant in your birth experience rather than sitting, waiting, and hoping the baby will come through.

➡️ Same body. Same pelvis. Different birth. 

There are countless cases of a person having difficulty birthing an 8-pound baby but later going on to vaginally birth a 9.5-pound baby. It’s the same person, same body, same pelvis - but different techniques, different preparation, and different activity during pregnancy and birth that made all the difference in the outcome. If you've been told that your pelvis isn't big enough, you may benefit from learning how to open your pelvis and make more room for baby.

What is a Parent Class?

Parent Classes are taught by Certified Parent Educators and provide hands-on instruction. Both group and private classes are available.

In the class, you will work with your partner to learn:

  • Spinning Babies Techniques
  • Daily Essential Activities
  • Balance to help birth muscles to relax and add comfort
  • Birth Positions that open the pelvis

And you'll receive these digital resources after attending the class:

  • Spinning Babies® Parent Class Companion eBook
  • 21-Day Checklist for Comfort and Ease
  • Daily Pregnancy Activity Guide by Trimester
  • Estimating Baby’s Position
  • Birthing Checklist
  • Comfort & Ease with Spinning Babies®
  • Position Tips with Spinning Babies®
  • Fetal Compass Rose Handout
  • Daily Pelvic Floor Exercises (from our “Your Pregnancy: Week-by-Week” page)
  • Kick Chart (from our “Your Pregnancy: Week-by-Week” page)
  • Birth Collaboration with Spinning Babies® (from our “Your Pregnancy: Week-by-Week” page)


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