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Spinning Babies Benefits Care Providers

Chances are, you're wondering "can Spinning Babies help my patients?" Or, maybe you are considering recommending a Spinning Babies® class to one of your pregnant families and need more information.

I'm glad you stopped by. I'd love to share how this program can benefit both you and your patients!

You may already be familiar with the approach and some of the techniques after using them to troubleshoot a stalled labor or encouraging a posterior baby to turn into a more favorable position. This is how many patients and providers learn about Spinning Babies, but it offers so much more than a potential fix for a difficult labor.

Here are 4 additional reasons  to recommend a Spinning Babies® Parent Class.

  1. Prenatal Wellness. The Spinning Babies approach is helpful all throughout pregnancy. It is proactive in nature and can alleviate a lot of common pregnancy discomforts, which creates happier patients with an overall better outlook.
  2. Birth Prep. Many of the difficulties we see in labor can be the direct result of the mother's body being tight, out of balance, or low mobility of the pelvis. By incorporating daily and weekly movements for the pregnant body, it's more prepared for the birth process.
  3. Physical Fitness. This approach provides simple and accessible ways to get the body moving during pregnancy. It also guides mom on being aware of her body's sleep patterns so she can be more rested and physically prepared for birth.
  4. Affordability. This class can be as low as $100 in a group setting. It's perfect for families who are unable to secure a birth doula, take prenatal yoga, or even attend a comprehensive birth class, but the benefits will serve them through pregnancy, labor, and postpartum recovery.
  5. Partner Benefits. Partners are encouraged to participate in the Parent Class and continue to practice alongside the pregnant mom during pregnancy. In turn, this means they will be much more comfortable providing hands-on support during labor.


Are you a...

➡️  Midwife


➡️ Chiropractor

➡️  Massage Therapist

➡️  Pelvic Floor Specialist

➡️  Prenatal Yoga Instructor


The Spinning Babies® techniques are complementary to the recommendations and services you already provide for your patients. Someone who is prepared, aware, and in tune with their body is much more likely to have a positive birth outcome and patient satisfaction. Isn't that what we all desire for those under our care?

Whether your patient is delivering in a hospital, birth center, or home - they can benefit from learning these specific movements to prepare their body for birth and help them through the labor process.

To make it easier and even more accessible, this class can be taught on-site at your office or facility. Contact me to schedule a class specifically for your patients.


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