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Why I’m happy to be a Heart Doula

“It’s time to let go of the cutthroat competition…”

When I saw this pop up in my Facebook newsfeed, my curiosity was immediately piqued.  


I clicked the link and quickly read the post.  Every word resonated with me.  I moved on to the Pledge.

Yes!  Finally!  Oh, how I love this!

What I read there captured the principles that have guided my birth work for many years.

Passion.  Integrity.  H.E.A.R.T.


Honest.  Ethical.  Accountable.  Reliable.  Thoughtful.

It’s so obvious, so simple.  Be a person of character.  Be generous.  Be kind.

Love and compassion.  Standing up for truth.  Respectful care for all.  Isn’t that what we bring to our clients?  It should be natural that we treat each other as doulas with the same approach.

Well, I’m in.  Sign me up.  I want to be among doulas who honor, appreciate, learn from and support each other.  This is how I have endeavored to do business throughout my career.  I have failed at times, no doubt, but living by these disciplines has been my intention.  The Pledge simply defines it all in one place.

I encourage every doula to thoughtfully read the H.E.A.R.T. Doula Business Pledge and consider signing it.  I hope it resonates with your heart the way it did with mine.
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