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If you're trying to find an experienced Nashville doula, want to take an Evidence Based Birth® workshop or a Childbirth Preparation class, you've come to the right place. I can also draw a henna tattoo on your beautiful pregnant belly or connect you with local resources for pregnancy, birth, postpartum and newborn support.

You might be a fellow Birth Professional seeking local continuing education opportunities. My Peanut Ball Skills labor positions training, Evidence Based Birth® Seminar Series and Savvy Birth Pro workshops are exactly what you're looking for.

There's a lot to explore here about birth, about me and about my work. I planned it that way, so take your time clicking around. I'd love to connect with you. Let's chat!

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My doula work is thriving and I am thrilled to be serving women throughout the Middle Tennessee area. I've been helping families through the childbearing year since 2001. I love my profession now more than ever.

It has been my privilege to support over 200 families as a Nashville doula during the seven years we've lived in TN. (And 75 more prior to moving from New Orleans.) I look forward to working with many more expecting moms in Greater Nashville and Clarksville in the years to come.

To dispel myths, dispense truth and help women have a good birth experience: these are why I became a doula. I count it a privilege that my "job" allows me to witness the miracle of birth.

I have a passion for educating women about pregnancy and birth. Being a doula gives me the perfect opportunity to invest the time prenatally to impart knowledge to women and then support them in their birth experience. When I teach childbirth preparation classes, I can share insights that are only gained by being in the labor and delivery room.

I've witnessed 275+ births — most in hospitals, some in birth centers, and a few home births — and have learned a few things along the way. Because I am familiar with the care providers and birth places, I can personalize the information I provide and focus on the areas that each client needs the most. I use the depth of understanding gained in my childbirth educator training combined with my hands-on experience as a doula to give my clients a solid foundation of support on multiple levels.

Husband and doula providing comfort to laboring woman


In my role as a birth doula, I come alongside the expecting mother and her personal birth team to provide support that is typically not available from others. I'm a trusted guide through an unfamiliar land, there to help you find the best places and avoid the dangerous territory. Is doula support what you're looking for?


I'm always learning new things, even after studying birth for close to 20 years. If this is true for me, how much more so for the expecting parent who has never experienced birth (or maybe once or twice)? I love sharing what I've learned! Let me tell you my favorite tips and some insider secrets.


A pregnant woman is a beauty to behold! Yet many women are too uncomfortable in their skin to bare their belly. Henna adorns the canvas with an intricate temporary design that clothes the curves, masks the imperfections and celebrates the miracle within. Put your feet up and let me pamper you for a couple of hours!