You can have professional on-call support during pregnancy and labor - Virtual Doula Service is available by text, phone, & video - wherever you live or plan to birth!

Birth work has been my calling since the late 1990s. I've passionately pursued "all things birth" for 20 years now! Having supported 415+ families as of early 2024, I’m one of the most experienced birth doulas in Middle TN. To learn more about my local doula work, visit my original Birth Doula support page.

The COVID Pandemic has rapidly changed the access families have to in-person birth support. But I've been prepping for this all along. Video chats became a regular part of my prenatal support a few years ago, simply because many of those conversations don't require physical contact. I enjoy being able to see my clients when we talk. It's surprisingly different than a regular phone call. It's also nice to stay home in my jammies. #introvert

Now you can get 100% online support from a Professional Birth Doula no matter where you live, no matter where you are birthing, no matter what the visitor policy. A few years ago, I adapted my services to be *mostly* online and now as demand has increased, I am offering a completely virtual / distance support option.

ALL consultations and support with this Virtual Doula service occur via Phone, Text, Email, and Zoom Video Conferencing. There are no in-person visits and I will not be physically present during your labor and birth.

This means I can support you even if you live in another state!

"I had the not uncommon desire to want to do it all and be it all (as it relates to support) for my wife throughout the labor process. However, it didn’t take long for me to realize the huge value our doula Heidi Duncan had. There was simply no way that I could have done everything on my own that we were able to accomplish together for my wife." Trevor

Your $1200 investment includes:

  • Phone, text and email support throughout pregnancy
  • Access to Spinning Babies Daily Essentials online video
  • Instruction on using Spinning Babies 3 Balances techniques
  • 3 birth planning consultations via video/phone (2-3 hours)
  • Labor and birth support via phone, text, email or Zoom (24/7 on-call availability)
  • 1 postpartum Zoom consultation to review your birth and check in on your adjustment (2 hours)
  • On-call availability from 37-42 weeks
  • Share local and online resources as needed
  • Flat fee for support (no overtime costs)
  • Assistance by phone during pre-labor and early labor
  • Partner support & instruction (including dad, friends, other family members)
  • Non-pharmacological comfort measures
  • Tips for maintaining a positive birthing environment
  • Reminders of birthing positions
  • Explanation of risks/benefits of common interventions
  • Self-advocacy reinforcement (helping you speak up for yourself)
  • Emotional encouragement
  • Review and processing of your birth experience up to 1 year postpartum
  • Unlimited text, email, and phone support for 6 weeks after your birth
  • Birth notes / timeline when possible

"Heidi was hands down the best part of my home birth! I didn't have a doula with my first baby, but I would never birth without one again! Heidi helped me work through contractions, gave me wonderful advice on how to make the most of my contractions and stay comfortable, and most importantly she advocated for me when I needed it most! She was a solid, cool and collected, and just immeasurably knowledgeable part of my birth experience!" Lauren