Private Evidence Based Birth® Childbirth Class

Private comprehensive childbirth classes in Nashville and Clarksville
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Evidence Based Birth® Childbirth Class

Join the 4-week comprehensive childbirth class series with Evidence Based Birth® Instructor and Mentor, Heidi Duncan. Private classes with custom schedules are available for Nashville, Clarksville, and Middle TN region families.


  • PRIVATE: 3-weeks live online + 1 home visit, custom schedule
  • PRIVATE: 4-weeks live online (save $100)


Are you looking for a childbirth class that gives you the flexibility of online learning, but also the support of personal connections?

By taking the Evidence Based Birth® Childbirth Class, you and your partner will not only learn the evidence for your birth options in an online class, but you’ll also get to meet with an experienced instructor who will provide expert insights on the topics you're learning.

This Evidence Based Birth® Childbirth Class is taught by Heidi Duncan, SpBCPE, CBD(CBI), APBT. Heidi Duncan is a Childbirth Educator and Certified Birth Doula who has been teaching Evidence Based Birth® classes to parents and professionals since 2015 and has been attending births since 2001!

"In-Person" and Online Class
  • We will have weekly live discussions via Zoom and you will do the rest of your learning independently
  • For the independent learning portion, you and your partner will watch class videos on your computer or phone in the EBB Parents classroom, read from your workbook, and practice relaxation techniques
What is Included in this Childbirth Class?

All registration options include the in-person classes, weekly Zoom video chats with your Instructor, access to your lessons online at the Evidence Based Birth® Academy, a 100+ page workbook (PDF and printed), a PDF library of EBB peer-reviewed articles, and a reunion “birth story” session.

Registration includes online access for both the pregnant parent and their chosen support person.

Topics Covered

In this class, we focus on comfort, evidence, and advocacy. These are the topics we’ll cover that will help you and your birth partner prepare for birth! (Plan on 1.5-2 hours of recorded lessons each week plus 30 minutes of relaxation practice and workbook reading along with 2 hours of live video discussion via Zoom with your Instructor).

  • Session 1: Stages of Labor, Understanding Evidence-Based Care
  • Session 2: Comfort & Relaxation Techniques, Advocacy & Communication Skills
  • Session 3: Common Medical Interventions, Induction, Cesarean
  • Session 4: Labor "Rehearsal", Postpartum Recover, Newborn Care & Breastfeeding

Will I Learn how to have a Natural Birth?

Evidence Based Birth® believes that every person has their own unique path. Instead of focusing on medicated vs. unmedicated birth, we focus on giving you tools and helping you learn the evidence, so that you can be empowered to make your own decisions! We do have a strong emphasis on non-drug comfort measures, because they have no side effects and can be used by everyone, whether or not you plan to use medications.

At the end of this class, you will have all the tools you need to create your ultimate labor and birth experience. If you want a natural birth, this class will give you the relaxation and pain management tools you need to have a natural birth. If you need an epidural or Cesarean, we’ll cover how you can be empowered that way, too!

Inclusion Policy:

Evidence Based Birth® is committed to creating an inclusive and welcoming environment for pregnant persons of any age, religion, race, sexual identity, gender identity, or relationship status.

Refund Policy:

Your payment reserves a spot in the class and is non-refundable, but tickets are transferable with adequate notice and approval from Heidi Duncan.


If you have questions for me, just contact me at or text 615.710.7077. Should you wish to pay with cash or check or need other payment arrangements, please reach out.

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