Peanut Ball Skills for Birth Workers

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How many peanut ball positions do you think there are? Get beyond simple side-lying and "the pretzel" during this workshop. Learn the many uses without an epidural as well as with. (Yes, it's useful for homebirth, too!) Understand how to select the proper size ball for the person and position. And much more!

These rates are for Middle Tennessee location evens only. Contact me for travel inquiries.

  • Basic registration ($45) covers attendance at one workshop (Essentials or Advanced), taught by Heidi Duncan, Authorized Peanut Ball Trainer.
  • Pro registration ($85) covers attendance at one workshop (Essentials or Advanced) plus a set of FIVE 2-sided full-color laminated peanut ball position charts. (Newly updated expanded 2019 chart set. Not available for late registrations.)
  • Private event scheduling ($300) covers attendance of up to 6 participants at a privately organized training (Middle Tennessee locations only) and must be paid in advance. Host is responsible for location costs (space reservation, refreshments). Travel fees may apply depending on distance. Additional participants pay Basic registration rate.

In the 3-hour Essentials Workshop, you will learn when and why to use the peanut ball, 7 essential positions (plus a few more!) for laboring in and out of bed, posture cues and keys for remembering positions, and more. Opportunities for return demonstration and skills check-off.

In the 3-hour Advanced Workshop, you will build upon the Essentials* and add another 15-20 positions to your toolkit, including new positions being introduced by Cheri Grant, The Peanut Ball Lady, at the 2019 DONA International Conference.

Contact me for details on specific event times and locations.

*Completion of the Essentials Workshop is required prior to attending the Advanced training.

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